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What Skills Can You Gain by Studying Humanities?

What skills can you gain by studying humanities

The humanities teach students creative thinking skills, reasoning, and the best ways to ask questions. These are fundamental skills that allow us to perform well in all fields, from art and music to business and politics. Humanities studies also teach us about various cultures and how they have evolved over time. While libraries and schools have always employed those with expertise in the humanities, their value is becoming evident in other industries, too. The critical thinking skills gained from studying this subject may give you a competitive advantage in business.

Learning Fundamental Skills

One benefit of an education is acquiring fundamental skills. Humanities teaches many fundamental skills such as critical thinking, analysis and creativity. These skills are useful not only for those considering graduate level studies or professional degrees, but also for those considering careers in business. For example, you can apply the creative thinking skills you learn in humanities classes to many industries and professions. A historian can move beyond academia and contribute to business, video gaming and filmmaking. It all depends on how you apply what you learn.

Creative Thinking Skills in Personal Development

The humanities are also important when it comes to personal development. The critical and creative thinking skills learned through humanities studies form a basis for understanding the human experience. For example, you might have better insight into the ethical questions that define today’s cultural debates. Or during the course of study, you learn a language, which will allow you to appreciate another culture in a way that you could not without that knowledge. That flexibility is what makes humanistic knowledge so powerful. It is a core branch of thinking that, in many respects, formed the foundation for modern thinking. In fields ranging from science to politics, humanists were there first, thinking about the human condition and how to solve our problems.

A humanities degree also broadens your perspective. You may be able to use your critical and creative thinking skills to dissect the steps it took to create a world-famous sculpture or painting. In this scenario, the humanities degree is less about you and more about your ability to appreciate another person’s hard work. Both in your professional and your personal life, being able to appreciate good work is a unique benefit. Steve Jobs, for instance, is well known to have been very particular about design elements. He learned calligraphy in school and gained an appreciation for typography. This appreciation influenced the way he designed the Macintosh interface. Without this appreciation, there would be no impetus to change the status quo in his domain.

Pursuing Humanities Studies

In ancient Greece, humanistic studies were critical to education. Thinkers came together to share their ideas and debate the progress of humanity. Even now, the influence of these thinkers live on in our laws and our way of life. While the humanities may have temporarily found themselves in the shadows, their strengths are finding traction with leaders from every industry who are recognizing the ability of humanists to make a positive impact.

Taking the time to leave a paying job to return to school is a difficult proposition. Fortunately, you can pursue your humanities studies online now. The University of Texas of the Permian Basin offers an online Bachelor of Arts humanities degree. This program fits the lifestyle of working professionals because they can structure the coursework around their schedule and take courses at a pace that is convenient for them. Consider the benefits a humanities degree can have on your career and life. Would the critical thinking skills you gain by earning the degree improve your life and career? They might have a greater effect than you think.

Learn more about UTPB’s online BA in Humanities program.


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