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Prepare for Grad School With a BA in Psychology

Earning a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Psychology online from the University of Texas of the Permian Basin (UTPB) can prepare graduates for a wide array of interesting careers. By nature, the study and practice of psychology is applicable across many fields, both those traditionally associated with clinical and experimental psychology as well as fascinating areas of applied psychology. But, of course, many specialized and advanced careers require a master's or doctoral degree. So, how can earning a bachelor's degree in psychology prepare students for more advanced study?

A Broad Foundation in Psychology

In a quality BA in psychology program, students gain a solid understanding of the fundamentals of psychology, exploring human behavior, emotion and mental processes. This exploration is founded in theory, research and practice across the many areas of psychology and its applications.

Many graduate students have not studied their chosen field in depth prior to graduate school. The rush of information in a master's or doctoral program can be intense, especially if a student has to catch up on foundational knowledge. Students with a BA in psychology are poised for an easier transition into grad school. Plus, they are ready to dive deeper into their chosen field, already having the essentials down.

Critical Thinking and Scientific Training

One of the most important aspects of a psychology BA program is its ability to develop students' critical thinking skills and experience with research and the scientific method. Knowing a theory is one thing. But having an understanding of how to devise a theory, test that theory, judge empirical findings, and make use of those findings in further research and practice is essential to success in the advanced study of experimental psychology.

Exploring Areas of Psychology

For many, the attraction of graduate school is the specialization of subject, both for depth of study and for job requirements in a specific line of work. Whether your interests lie in school psychology, industrial and organizational psychology, or forensic psychology, or in becoming a licensed clinical therapist, you will have to specialize your graduate education accordingly.

In a bachelor's program, students get the chance to explore many different areas of psychological study. Through this study, students can find their unique passion within the broad field of psychology. Clearly, this is an important part of choosing a specialization (and degree type) to pursue in graduate school.

Graduate School Admission

At the most basic level, you will need a bachelor's for acceptance into graduate school in all but the rarest circumstances. And, specifically, a BA in psychology or related degree is often required for entry into many advanced psychology degree programs.

UTPB's online BA in psychology prepares students to excel in graduate school by providing them with a comprehensive foundation of knowledge and skills in psychological theory, research methodology, application and critical thinking. Plus, the opportunity to explore the vast applications of psychology can be invaluable in finding out what students truly want to focus on in advanced study and in the career paths they will take.

Learn more about UTPB's online Bachelor of Arts in Psychology program.

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