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Master of Arts in Educational Leadership Online

Complete Coursework: as little as 12 months   Credit Hours: 36   Tuition: $261 per credit hour

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Now you can earn a Master of Arts in Educational Leadership online through the University of Texas of the Permian Basin (UTPB)—part of the prestigious UT System. Whether you have your sights set on becoming a school principal or district superintendent, a master's degree is a prerequisite. That's why we've designed a flexible leadership degree program that allows you to balance the demands of your education with work and family.

Our online Master of Arts degree offers smart advantages!

  • Every course is 100% online
  • Tuition is affordable—just $9,396 | $261 per credit hour
  • Courses are only eight weeks
  • You can earn your MA in 12 months
  • Accredited by ELCC, SACS
  • Six start dates

Develop the professional skills you need—right now.

When you pursue a Master of Arts in Educational Leadership online, you'll hone the management and organizational skills you need to advance to the administration level. Through a comprehensive course curriculum you'll explore instructional and administrative leadership, cultural proficiency, conflict resolution, school law and ethics, fiscal responsibility and organizational theory. The program culminates with a supervised practicum in administration.

Learn from respected educators.

UTPB's online educational leadership degree program is just as rigorous as our on-campus program. Every online course is taught by the same respected UTPB faculty members who teach on campus. Just as important, our Master of Arts in Educational Leadership online program is aligned with the State Board for Educator Certification for principal and superintendent competencies, and accredited by the Educational Leadership Constituent Council and Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. You'll find our faculty and staff are supportive and responsive to your needs. In fact, our online graduate degree programs earn high marks from U.S. News & World Report—#6 Student Services and Technology and #24 Student Engagement and Accreditation.

Enjoy new career opportunities.

Once you complete your leadership degree, you'll be ready to take your career to the next level as an assistant principal, principal or superintendent. Plus, you'll feel more confident knowing that you've prepared yourself to succeed in a very competitive job market. Research shows that individuals with a master's degree earn more and have a lower risk for unemployment than their less-educated peers.

Online Courses

Educational Leadership Requirements
EDUC 6304
Educational Psychology
Duration: 8 weeks  |  Credit Hours: 3  |  $783.00 per course.
Review of theories of behavior, learning and instruction, research on human ontological development, and consideration of applications of such theory and research to classroom practices, including issues related to their measurement and evaluation.
EDUC 6305
Research Design in Education and the Social Sciences
Duration: 8 weeks  |  Credit Hours: 3  |  $783.00 per course.
This course is designed to acquaint students with how research is conducted in the fields of education and the social sciences. Students will select and evaluate research findings within their fields and learn how to design their own research studies. Must be taken prior to third term of enrollment.
EDLD 6362
Cultural Proficiency
Duration: 8 weeks  |  Credit Hours: 3  |  $783.00 per course.
This course will analyze tools of Cultural Proficiency used with emerging issues in an increasingly diverse environment. Graduate students will study the historical context, descriptive language continuum, behavioral competencies, underlying values, and barriers to leadership from a culturally proficiency perspective. It will further examine exemplary leadership standards aligned with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions of Cultural Proficiency for Texas Principals as expressed in the State Board for Educator Certification domains and competencies.
EDLD 6360
School Finance
Duration: 8 weeks  |  Credit Hours: 3  |  $783.00 per course.
Application of principles of public education fiscal policy including: budgeting, state or federal program allocations, grant writing, resources, staffing, etc.
EDLD 6361
School Law
Duration: 8 weeks  |  Credit Hours: 3  |  $783.00 per course.
Effects of Federal and Texas law on processes of public school education and its relationship to school administrators. (Code of Ethics & Federal Programs.)
EDLD 6363
Administration of Special Programs
Duration: 8 weeks  |  Credit Hours: 3  |  $783.00 per course.
Administration of special education, reading, career education, vocational-technical education, bilingual education, library and instructional technology, plus IDEA, Section 504, Federal title programs funding, school to work, etc.
EDLD 6365
School Public Relations
Duration: 8 weeks  |  Credit Hours: 3  |  $783.00 per course.
An analysis of school public relations from a perspective of communication and collaboration with all community constituents and responding to diverse interests and needs to promote student success.
EDLD 6367
Theories of Educational Leadership
Duration: 8 weeks  |  Credit Hours: 3  |  $783.00 per course.
An analysis of school leadership theories, standards, and applications for practice in campus or district improvement processes.
EDLD 6368
Duration: 8 weeks  |  Credit Hours: 3  |  $783.00 per course.
Administrative processes and functions of the elementary and secondary school principal in the context of school district organization and administration.
EDLD 6369
School Human Resources Management
Duration: 8 weeks  |  Credit Hours: 3  |  $783.00 per course.
Personnel management theory and research. Emphasizes skills in recruitment, selection, assignment, staff development, supervision and evaluation.
EDLD 6370
Instructional Leadership Development
Duration: 8 weeks  |  Credit Hours: 3  |  $783.00 per course.
Systemic design and analysis of strategies for instructional leadership and supervision of teacher performance with an emphasis on clinical approaches.
EDLD 6392
Practicum: Leadership
Duration: 8 weeks  |  Credit Hours: 3  |  $783.00 per course.
Supervised practicum in administration in a school setting. Students are expected to meet regularly with their University supervisor to ensure continued growth throughout their internship experience.
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