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Complete Coursework: as little as 16 months   Credit Hours: 120   Tuition: $288 per credit hour

Business school can change your life.

As part of the prestigious UT System, The University of Texas of the Permian Basin offers the only business program in the Permian Basin accredited by the prestigious Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB)—an elite distinction bestowed on less than five percent of business schools in the world. And now our respected Bachelor of Business Administration in Management (BBA) degree is available online.

The online BBA offers smart advantages!

  • Online courses are flexible and convenient
  • Tuition is affordable—just $288 per credit hour
  • Courses are only 8 weeks
  • You can earn your BBA in as little as 16 months
  • The online BBA is fully accredited
  • Choose from six convenient start dates

Develop real-world skills—right now.

Our online college curriculum has been carefully tailored to provide students with a comprehensive analysis of a broad range of business concepts and best practices—including accounting, finance, organizational behavior, operational theory and business ethics. And unlike other business school programs, you may be able to transfer into the BBA Management program with just 24 credit hours! Students who still need to complete common core courses can take CLEP examinations for credit or complete the classes online through UTPB.

Learn from savvy professionals.

Every online college course is taught by the same respected UTPB faculty members who teach on campus. And just as important, they are committed to mentoring their students. In fact, in the National Survey of Student Engagement, 99 percent of UTPB seniors reported that their professors provided prompt feedback on their academic performance. And our online bachelor degree programs earn high marks from U.S. News & World Report – #3 among Texas public universities and in the nation's top 50 Best Online Bachelor's Degree Programs.

Apply your knowledge to a variety of professional fields.

Upon completion of UTPB's online college program, our business school graduates emerge confident knowing that they possess practical skills that offer a lot of career flexibility. With a BBA in Management, individuals are prepared for career opportunities in a variety of business sectors—including human resources, business administration, marketing, sales, management and many other fields.

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Online Courses

Management Required Courses - 9 Credits
MNGT 3312
Human Resource Management
Duration: 8 weeks  |  Credit Hours: 3  |  $864.00 per course.
This is a study of principles and practices in human resource management systems including such topics as recruiting, selection, training and development compensation, health and safety, employee and labor relations, human resource research information systems, and workforce planning.
MNGT 3330
Organizational Behavior
Duration: 8 weeks  |  Credit Hours: 3  |  $864.00 per course.
This is a study of human behavior in organizations, motivation, interpersonal communication and behavior, group behavior, leadership, power, organizational culture, change, and development; job satisfaction; social structure and processes; informal organization; ethical concepts; international organizational behavior issues; organizational theory.
MNGT 3370
Business and Ethics
Duration: 8 weeks  |  Credit Hours: 3  |  $864.00 per course.
This is a study of the impact of societal influences and ethical consideration on business decision-making. Special attention is given to business stakeholder relationships and the role of the organization in the community.
Upper Division Business Core – 27 Credit Hours
MNGT 3310
Management Concepts and Organizational Theory
Duration: 8 weeks  |  Credit Hours: 3  |  $864.00 per course.
Fundamental concepts of management including principles of administration, modern organization theory, goal-setting, leadership and decision-making.
MNGT 3311
Business Communications
Duration: 8 weeks  |  Credit Hours: 3  |  $864.00 per course.
This is an introduction to the basic interpersonal communication process through appropriate communications technology with applications for business organizations. It is a systems approach to planning, researching, organizing, composing, editing, and revising reports and other business-related communications. Oral presentations are required. Business communication ethics are explored.
MNGT 3324
Business and the Law
Duration: 8 weeks  |  Credit Hours: 3  |  $864.00 per course.
This survey course covers the source of law and courts and introduces tort law along with the historical, economic, political, and ethical bases of contracts. The course includes ethical considerations in business and the impact of regulatory and administrative law on business.
MNGT 3340
Production Operations Management
Duration: 8 weeks  |  Credit Hours: 3  |  $864.00 per course.
This course examines the planning, design, execution, and coordination of all activities that create goods or provide services. It addresses how upper level management can improve decision-making in both the manufacturing and service sectors. The course introduces productivity, competitiveness, and strategy; decision-making; quality management; product and service design; process selection and capacity planning; linear programming; facility layout; location planning and analysis; the transportation model; project management; design of work systems; and learning curves.
MNGT 3333
Information System Fundamentals
Duration: 8 weeks  |  Credit Hours: 3  |  $864.00 per course.
Introduction to the organizational and managerial foundations of information systems. The role of information systems in enhancing business processes and management decision making is emphasized. Students experience use of business application software in problem solving.
MRKT 3300
Principles of Marketing
Duration: 8 weeks  |  Credit Hours: 3  |  $864.00 per course.
Survey of marketing fundamentals with focus upon product, price, promotion and distribution within the context of business decision making. Prerequisites: ECON 2301 and ECON 2302
ECON 4325
Managerial Economics
Duration: 8 weeks  |  Credit Hours: 3  |  $864.00 per course.
Uses economic analytical tools including demand forecasting, resource allocation, and cost profitability for managerial decision making are presented. Prerequisites: MNGT 2342; ECON 2301 and ECON 2302.
FINA 3320
Principles of Finance
Duration: 8 weeks  |  Credit Hours: 3  |  $864.00 per course.
Survey of foundational concepts in finance; in particular, discounted cash flow analysis and its application to valuation of bonds, stocks, and corporate capital assets. Introduction to the following topics: bond and stock markets; pricing mechanisms in those markets; relationship between risk and return; capital budgeting methods based on discounted cash flow valuation.
MNGT 4375
Strategic Management (Capstone)
Duration: 8 weeks  |  Credit Hours: 3  |  $864.00 per course.
This is the capstone course of the business administration degree. Based on environmental analysis, the formulation and implementation of strategic decisions within the organization are addressed. Emphasis is placed on integration of decisions at the functional areas. A supplemental fee is required for this course.
Management Electives – 9 hours
MNGT 3380
Managing Technology
Duration: 8 weeks  |  Credit Hours: 3  |  $864.00 per course.
Study of the functions of a manager in technological and engineering oriented organizations.
MNGT 4380
Total Quality Management
Duration: 8 weeks  |  Credit Hours: 3  |  $864.00 per course.
This course covers the principles of quality management to include basic probability and statistics concepts, control charts for attributes and variables, sampling plans, quality audits and cost.
Business Electives – 9 credits
ACCT 3310
Accounting for Business Decision-Makers
Duration: 8 weeks  |  Credit Hours: 3  |  $864.00 per course.
How cash flow-based management decisions are measured and disclosed through the financial information system of a business entity. Covers financing, investing and operating activities. Not to be taken by accounting majors. Credit will not be given for both ACCT 3301 and ACCT 3310.
MRKT 4322
Social Media Marketing
Duration: 8 weeks  |  Credit Hours: 3  |  $864.00 per course.
This course will be an in-depth study of the social media as marketing tools. It will provide students with a basic understanding of social media networking and its marketing applications. The course will address the needs of the new age economy.
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